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Our Mission

“An estimated 75% of available supply chain data originates from outside the ERP system. Complexity opens risks of miscommunication and disruptions, often from incorrect or incomplete data”.

Without upstream inventory visibility, SC managers have to rely on their plan and aren’t able to identify disruptions in real time, thus unable to resolve them on time.

Our Story

UnitySCM helps companies improve Supply Chain operational efficiency through data-driven focus, turning information from the entire supply chain into a strategic asset.

The Supply Chain industry is early in its Digital Transformation, similar to where Digital Marketing and IT were 15 years ago. Every supply chain across a myriad of disparate systems spanning organizations and companies and glued together by supply chain managers using inefficient manual processes, resulting in unavoidable data silos.

UnitySCM solves Supply Chain’s fundamental data fragmentation challenges, ushering a new age of data-driven operations. Enabling end-to-end visibility, early disruption detection, and predictive and prescriptive analytics which were previously impossible due to low data quality and availability.

With UnitySCM companies can prevent shortages, reduce inventory costs, prevent production delays and improve customer satisfaction seamlessly and with easy implementation.



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John Smith


John Smith


John Smith



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