Full Stack Engineer (Backend focused)

Ramat Gan Bursa

UnitySCM is an early stage startup on a mission to support the growth of manufacturing companies of all sizes by building the world’s first supply chain execution platform. We bring together the siloed data of supply chains to provide visibility and automation that dramatically increase efficiency in this 25 Trillion-dollar industry. We’re backed by top-tier VCs and growing fast.

As a Full Stack Engineer (backend focused) at UnitySCM you’ll be part of our highly technical team, empowered to own, execute and deliver distributed, data-centric product features from start to finish using TypeScript, React, NodeJS & GraphQL, continuously deploy to AWS with Pulumi and test with Jest & Cypress.

As an early employee you’ll have an extremely unique opportunity to maximize your personal growth and impact by being a “Manager of one” and having a true seat at the table that shapes both the product and the engineering culture as the company grows.


  • Minimum of 3 years of hands-on experience building production-grade, scalable web applications
  • Experience with complex, large scale SQL databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.)
  • Experience with building and operating distributed, event driven systems (ensuring consistency, testing, monitoring, logging)
  • Experience with AWS, GCP or Azure and Docker containers


  • Experience with building data pipelines (Spark, Flink, etc.) and data warehouses (Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery)
  • Proficient in TypeScript and and NodeJS
  • Experience with React and GraphQL (Apollo/Relay) 
  • Experience building Serverless architectures
  • Experience with infrastructure as code tools (Terraform, Pulumi, CloudFormation)
  • Working in a face-paced startup environment

If you feel your skills, experience and most importantly, values match well with the above, please drop us a line at jobs@unityscm.com

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