The Data Versatility Platform

Supply chain SaaS without 
the data consolidation burden
Adapt to unplanned 
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Apps that adapt to your data, not the other way around.
UnitySCM apps are built on a highly configurable supply chain data model. Adapt our out-of-the-box apps with just a few clicks, so your business users can easily view and access data right away—with no need for a dedicated data analyst.
Remix our platform capabilities to 
meet your custom needs
Manage Detention & Demurrage Fees

Eliminate unplanned transportation costs by actively managing containers to minimize detention and demurrage fees. Utilize historical analysis to drive transportation planning focused on reducing costs and streamlining operations.

Optimize Capacity Allocation

Measure capacity utilization vs. plan. Lead transportation capacity allocation focused on measurable carrier performance balancing cost, service, and sustainability.

Enable Carrier Performance Reviews

Leverage key transportation performance indicators to measure carrier performance vs. plan. Identify gaps and work with carriers to drive continuous improvement.

Manage Transportation Costs

Proactively manage shipping volumes against contracts to avoid unplanned costs like spot rates and expedites. Evaluate trade-offs between shipping frequency and container utilization.

Improve Warehouse Operations

Utilize up-to-date container status and ETAs for efficient warehouse labor planning and improved receiving operations.

Streamline PO Management

Transparent purchase order visibility from creation through payment. Stay on top of order status, evaluate the impacts of order delays at the item level, and leverage accurate order cycle times to improve supply planning.

Inform Inventory Planning

Optimize safety stock and cycle stock planning by using precise transit times across lanes, routes, carriers, and services to balance transport costs, inventory carry costs, and service levels.

Minimize Inventory at Risk

Stay on top of inventory delays from order creation through delivery to minimize the impact of shortages and eliminate excess inventory costs

Improve Delivery Reliability

Use accurate lead times for improve the reliability of order commitments. Leverage shipment ETAs to anticipate and communicate delays to downstream operations, enabling teams to mitigate risks by replanning, reprioritizing, or rerouting orders.

Improve Customer Experience

Provide a best-in-class customer experience by sharing high-quality shipment and order updates with stakeholders

Effective Document Management

Upload and manage shipment and order documentation to improve transparency, compliance, and collaboration

Extend the ROI of your IT Investments

UnitySCM automatically maps and transforms data, so you don't have to.
UnitySCM automatically maps and transforms data, so you don't have to.

Most supply chain projects start by customizing the application layer, then get bottlenecked waiting for scarce IT resources to connect up all the disparate data silos that lie beneath. And every time Supply chain teams try to cobble together a single view in emails and spreadsheets for a new project or fire drill, they end up creating another virtual silo.

UnitySCM seamlessly integrates with a wide range of data sources, and easily fills in the gaps of incomplete supply chain data, providing new insights while freeing your IT team from the burden of complex data normalization projects.

Data ingestion

Data ingestion

Extract, parse and normalize both structured and unstructured data sources. Automatically remind partners to provide any missing data. Add new data formats in just hours, including:

• ERP, WMS, and TMS systems
• Emailed attachments and Zip files
• HTML tables from supplier websites
• Specific cell ranges in Excel/CSV files

Data quality & enrichment

Data quality & enrichment

Proactively identify and fix data quality issues. Enrich your internal data with third-party services to fuel more useful insights. Automatically feed improved data back into your system of record to enrich it with context such as:

• Shipment ETAs & status
• Drayage status updates
• Inventory variances vs. plan
• Supplier updates to purchase orders

ROI within days

Most Vendors shift the data normalization burden onto customers, making ROI elusive. UnitySCM works with your data and your partners’ data as it is, so you can solve problems today.

“Quick access to real-time container info. Auto-updated arrival data in our ERP. And very little of our IT department’s time!”
Lisa VanLanduyt
VP of Inventory Planning