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Data-Agnostic Apps for a Messy World.

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We take your data - As is.

Any format. Any source. Any volume.
We’ve seen worse.

Rigid data requirements mean fragile solutions. That’s why UnitySCM was designed to expect—and adapt to—inaccurate or incomplete supply chain data.

Extract, parse and normalize both structured and unstructured data sources.


Enrich your internal data with third-party services to fuel more useful insights.


Provide intuitive representations of supply chain objects so business users can be self-sufficient.

Concrete Solutions for
Everyday Challenges

We go beyond data accuracy, with out-of-the box applications that organize information in an intuitive way, making it easy for business users to access, understand, and use to solve everyday supply chain challenges.

Container Track-and-Trace

Track shipments across modes and 3PLs, from the supplier’s site to your warehouse.

Purchase Order Tracking

Track purchase order statuses and collaborate with suppliers to ensure 
demand plans are met.

Inventory & Order Consolidation

Get current and forward-looking views of inventory (on-hand, in-transit, on-order) across modes and geographies.

Partner Visibility

Centralize monitoring, performance management, and collaboration across suppliers, carriers, contract manufacturers, and internal business units.

Customer Portal

Consolidate all your supply chain data to provide a single point of truth for partners and customers.

Rapid Deployment. Easy Extensibility.

Rapid deployment. Easy extensibility.

With built-in data adapters and an easily configurable supply chain data model, UnitySCM automates data collection and normalization with minimal need for IT resources.

This means both first-time deployment and later add-on functionality can go-live in as little as 2 days.

ROI in days

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Most Vendors shift the data normalization burden onto customers, making ROI elusive. UnitySCM works with your data and your partners’ data as it is, so you can solve problems today.

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Lisa VanLanduyt
VP of Inventory Planning
“Quick access to real-time container info. Auto-updated arrival data in our ERP. And very little of our IT department’s time!”
Lisa VanLanduyt
VP of Inventory Planning

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  • Inbound Inventory Visibility
  • 3PL Visibility to Customers
  • End-to-end Fulfillment
Industrial Manufacturing and Distribution
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