Optimize Supply Chain Operations With Unity SCM Platform Modules

Explore a comprehensive suite of specialized modules tailored to streamline every aspect of your supply chain, from inventory management to logistics.

Manage Detention & Demurrage Fees

Reduce unplanned transportation costs by actively managing containers to minimize detention and demurrage fees. Utilize historical analysis to drive transportation planning focused on reducing costs and streamlining operations.

Optimize Capacity Allocation

Measure capacity utilization vs. plan. Lead transportation capacity allocation focused on measurable carrier performance balancing cost, service, and sustainability.

Enable Carrier Performance Reviews

Leverage key transportation performance indicators to measure carrier performance vs. plan. Identify gaps and work with carriers to drive continuous improvement.

Manage Transportation Costs

Proactively manage shipping volumes against contracts to avoid unplanned costs like spot rates and expedites. Evaluate trade-offs between shipping frequency and container utilization.

Improve Warehouse Operations

Utilize up-to-date container status and ETAs for efficient warehouse labor planning and improved receiving operations.

Streamline PO Management

Transparent purchase order visibility from creation through payment. Stay on top of order status, evaluate the impacts of order delays at the item level, and leverage accurate order cycle times to improve supply planning.

Inform Inventory Planning

Optimize safety stock and cycle stock planning by using precise transit times across lanes, routes, carriers, and services to balance transport costs, inventory carry costs, and service levels.

Minimize Inventory at Risk

Stay on top of purchase orders for seasonal products to minimize inventory obsolescence.

Improve Delivery Reliability

Use accurate lead times for improve the reliability of order commitments. Leverage shipment ETAs to anticipate and communicate delays to downstream operations, enabling teams to mitigate risks by replanning, reprioritizing, or rerouting orders.

Improve Customer Experience

Provide a best-in-class customer experience by sharing high-quality shipment and order updates with stakeholders

Effective Document Management

Upload and manage shipment and order documentation to improve transparency, compliance, and collaboration

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