Eliminate Demurrage & Detention fees

UnitySCM can help you eliminate demurrage and detention fees on your containerized freight across transportation modes and geographies. Whether you outsource logistics or execute Destination Operations directly, your fees could be 0.

Defeat Volatility with Versatility
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Meet production schedules

Prevent Fees

With Ocean, Terminal and Domestic shipment visibility, UnitySCM is your Destination Operations team's secret weapon to prevent excess fees.
Get real-time alerts on custom holds, missed appointments and pickup availability so that you're always on the same page with drayage partners

Reduce stockouts

Dispute carrier charges

By using AI to compare your invoices to your shipments' real events and milestones, UnitySCM will identify and dispute overcharges from your carriers, putting money back in your budget

Improve customer satisfaction

Get better terms

Using historical data from your shipments and industry benchmarks, UnitySCM will help you negotiate with your carriers for the right amount of Free Days and other payment terms

How ADAMA reduced costs by $20mm