Multimodal transportation management

End to end visibility and control of your shipments, across geographies and modes of transport.
Powerful planning tools to optimize your supply network and minimize logistics costs

Defeat Volatility with Versatility
Ocean Shipping Trends in 2024
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Meet production schedules

Logistics cost reduction

Powerful insights to identify opportunities to reduce shipping costs without risking service to your customers

Reduce stockouts

End-to-end visibility

Track shipments through their entire lifecycle with visibility from carriers, terminals, airports and railroads.
True visibility with highly accurate ETAs and the best coverage and data quality in the industry

Improve customer satisfaction

Carrier performance management

Using historical data from your shipments and industry benchmarks, UnitySCM will help you measure carrier performance to ensure you use the best carrier for each route, balancing costs and service

How ADAMA reduced costs by $20mm