Inventory & Order Consolidation

Improve planning cycles with a single view of critical operational info.

A Better View

You need a single view of sales, inventory and purchasing information to speed planning cycles and balance resources across business units.

But key inventory and fulfillment data is managed in disparate siloed systems, by different parties - your warehouses, 3PLs, suppliers, and customers.

UnitySCM solves this by automating the collection of inventory and order data into a standardized data model. By giving each party their own custom view of the same data, everyone stays on the same page while maintaining compliance with security and privacy policies.
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UnitySCM Key Features for
Inventory & Order Consolidation

Monitor Inventoryvs Plan
Monitor supplier inventory against plan to eliminate production delays. Predict shortages earlier with predictive analytics. Sort potential disruptions by value at risk.
Easy Integration
Seamlessly integrate with the most common systems of record, including ERP, WMS, and TMS. Extract, parse and normalize data sources into a standard data model.
Inventory & Order Data Enrichment
Enrich existing inventory and order data with third-party services to provide valuable context. Automatically feed updated data back into your ERP to ensure it stays consistent and accurate, with minimal IT effort.
Role-based Views
Keep everyone on the same page while maintaining compliance with security and privacy policies by giving each party their own custom perspective of the same data.
Data Quality Monitoring
Consolidate multiple ERPs to enable data quality monitoring and reconciliation.
Machine Learning Data
Enable clean source-of-truth data sets for Machine Learning training.

Out of the Box
Inventory & Order
Consolidation Solutions

UnitySCM combines seamless integration and easy configurability to rapidly deliver inventory & order solutions like:
Providing a single view across multiple 3PLs and multiple ERP/WMS systems
Reduce excess inventory
Track inbound inventory (BoMs, Orders, On-hand) against plan
Automate manual data chasing tasks
Improve OTIF by predicting shortages and disruptions
Minimize production delays by monitoring supplier inventory against plan

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