PO Tracking

Avoid disruptions to your production line — and your bottom line.

Procure with Confidence

Changes in confirmed POs can disrupt production, costing millions in lost revenue and long-term customer loyalty.

So procurement teams are stuck manually following up on approved POs with suppliers and subcontractors to confirm that dates and quantities of items have not changed.

By collecting and organizing data from a variety of systems and suppliers, UnitySCM provides a single view of inbound inventory across the network. Procurement managers, inventory planners, and warehouse managers can identify delays or partial fulfillment of orders weeks in advance, in time to mitigate customer impact.

UnitySCM Key Features for
PO Tracking

Single View ofInbound Inventory
See both current and forward-looking inbound inventory data (on-hand, in-transit, on-order) across modes and geographies.
Partner Updates
Automatically collect statuses and updates from business partners.
PO Data
Enrich your existing PO data with third-party services to provide additional valuable context.
Push Data
Back to ERP
Automatically feed updated PO data back into your ERP to ensure your system of records stays consistent and accurate, with minimal IT effort.
Disruption Management
Get contextualized alerts on delayed or partially fulfilled orders.
Root Cause Analysis/Tracking
Understand the root cause of delays or partial fulfillment.

Out of the Box
PO Solutions

UnitySCM combines seamless integration and easy configurability to rapidly deliver PO solutions like:
Detecting delayed or partial fulfillment of orders from suppliers/subcontractors
Preventing manufacturing downtime
Confirm demand with suppliers
Identifying sales orders at risk
Increasing warehouse staffing efficiency based on actual shipment arriving
Eliminating time wasted chasing down information and manually processing data

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