Shipment Visibility

Know where every shipment is, from supplier to warehouse.

Complete Operational
Visibility from Day One

Limited logistics visibility is the biggest cause of operational inefficiencies in supply chain.

Without good shipment data, the only ways to avoid angry customers and a damaged reputation are excessive buffer inventory and costly expedites. But inconsistent data from partners and 3PLs make it impossible to optimize staffing levels and ensure product availability for sales opportunities.

With Unity SCM, it's easy to consolidate container tracking data, enrich it with purchase orders and inventory information, and share this single accurate view with any system. All without the need for lengthy deployments or dedicated IT resources.
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Unity SCM Key Features for

Real-time Shipment Tracking
Monitor the location and status of containers and shipments in real-time as they move through your supply chain.
Disruption Management
Get early warning of delays, schedule changes, and port disruptions, sorted by  size of the potential impact.
Logistics Data Enrichment
Enrich your existing logistics data with third-party services to fuel more useful insights with context such as ETAs, status, drayage, lot/batch info, container/parcel/railcar, expirations, and customs/port events.
Write Back Enriched Data
Automatically feed updated data back into your ERP/APIs/Reports to ensure your systems stay consistent and accurate, with minimal IT effort.
Logistics Performance Mgmt
Measure the performance of lanes, carriers, and freight forwarders.
Lead Time Analysis
Optimize inventory levels based on historical lead times.

Out of the Box
Logistics Solutions

Unity SCM combines seamless integration and easy configurability to rapidly deliver logistics solutions like:
Tracking shipments managed by 3PLs or suppliers
Strategic selection of logistics partners based on performance
Lane lead time analysis & planning optimization
Ensuring raw material availability
Preventing production downtime due to late shipments
Provide sales with self-service visibility into inventory availability
Proactively alert sales to changes in product availability impacting existing sales orders
Increasing warehouse staffing efficiency based on actual shipment arrivals
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Industrial Manufacturing and Distribution
Identify delays 6-12 weeks in advance
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