The Future of Supply Chain Management

Harness the power of AI/ ML to take your operations teams into the future.
UnitySCM's Data Versatility platform is the foundation to truly effective AI solutions that solve everyday supply chain challenges

Defeat Volatility with Versatility
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Real time tracking - "where is my order?" Advanced analytics -  "which suppliers perform best?"
Planning - "How much inventory do I need?"

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Curated News Feed

UnitySCM collects realtime news about key global events and uses your own supply chain data to curate a news to identify the events impacting your operation.
No more guessing and waiting for the other shoe to drop - stay ahead of world events

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Universal Data Ingestion

With advanced OCR and LLMs UnitySCM can extract information from any type of document, system or email

How ADAMA reduced costs by $20mm