Container Tracking

If you don't know when your containers are arriving, you can't plan or execute effectively.
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With UnitySCM we know exactly when inventory will be available so we can plan ahead and execute effectively
John Smith
Chief Operating Officer

The Problem

In today's ever-changing world logistics and supply chain teams are flying blind, unable to tell when inventory will arrive at it's destination.

Without upstream inventory visibility, SC managers have to rely on their plan and aren’t able to identify disruptions to supply ahead of time. Unreliable supply leads to production downtimes, product shortages and unhappy customers.

The Solution

UnitySCM collects and organizes data from internal systems (ERP, WMS, Excel) and carriers into a single view of inbound inventory across the network.

Logistics managers, inventory planners and warehouse managers gained access to the same big picture current and forward-looking data, across modes and geographies.

Teams identify late shipments weeks in advance, easily finding the root cause and impact - executing solutions faster.

Case Study
Industrial Manufacturing and Distribution
Identify delays 6-12 weeks in advance
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Increase efficiency

Your team can stop chasing down spreadsheets and emails. You and your partners look at the same information, real time and with high quality.

Cross-team visibility

Sales teams can find inventory to sell and get ahead of order recommitments. Warehouse teams can staff based on actual shipments arriving.

Early disruption detection

Customer identified delays as soon as they occurred, instead of when the shipment didn’t arrive at their dock.

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Easy Connectivity

Gain immediate visibility to your shipments without the need for long integrations or getting on IT's roadmap.
Unity's Data platform makes connectivity a breeze, delivering super quick time-to-value.

Command Center

Full view of the network - from suppliers, through carriers to production, distribution and customers.
All key performance indicators organized in one place so you never have to spend time figuring out what numbers to use.

Disruption Alerts

Find out about disruptions before they get to you - critical materials that are missing at the supplier, delayed shipments and missed production schedules.
Get the same level of visibility and control for internal and contracted manufacturing.

See how we can change your Supply Chain Management

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